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English summary

Welcome to the Institut for German Aristocratic Research!

We are a registered, professional organization that spezializes in the area of genealogy, sociology, heraldy, history and related fields of the German lower aristocracy. In the index you will find a table of all contents for this homepage.

Our research covers all topics allied with these themes, including composing individual biographies, creating family chronicles spanning the Middle Ages to the present and compiling designated bibliographies. In addition, we have an extensive library and several databases, which allow efficient access to the archival records as well as various literature on the German aristocracy.

  • Our task is to obtain a list of sources and references. We travel regularly to archives to construct a catalog of different, up till now, untapped files and old books. Our goal is to record as many files as possible, with call numbers, and to make them available to the interested public.
Our task is not to prepare photocopies or transcriptions. This becomes self evident when you see that we refer to handwritten files that are only available in one archive. These original documents are not in our possession and it would be impossible for us to copy everything in order for us to have it here at our disposal.
  • When you place an inquiry please use the formula. Then we will give you the exact location of the source, also an E-mail address of the German library or archive where you can then request a copy of the original document. We are only the intermediary but we will show you exactly where you can find the information.
Please note that at our website is strictly in German. It would therefore be in your best interest if you had someone that had knowledge of the German language, because the sources to which we refer are all written in German. For that reason it only makes sense to inquire here if you can read and understand the literature and the archive material that we refer to. Due to time constraints we are unable to undertake translations.

Finally please note: You can mail us in English, the answer you will receive in German only. But you can translate our eMails and our homepage with or with (search "institut deutsche adelsforschung" to find the website of our "Institut Deutsche Adelsforschung" and then press the button "translate this page". Now you can follow eyery link und read all pages in English). Please always read the introduction of every website in order to understand the special contents.We hope you will be succesfull in your research and enjoy reading our website.

Thank you for your virtual visit!
IDA - Institut for German Aristocratic Research

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